Club Officers

WGRC Club Officers are voted in by their peers, knowingly or unknowingly.  It only takes two (2) "Yes" voted to win regardless of the number of "No" votes.  The responsibilities are very few (if any), are most likely meaningless, and are anything but serious.

The terms of the position are 900 year or 2,034,756 lifetime miles run, which ever comes first, except for the President, which is a position that cannot be challenged.  New positions can be added constantly; existing positions can be canned without warning!

Thank you to all of our acting members!
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Position TitleCurrently Held ByDuties
Position TitleCurrently Held ByDuties
Technology Director Steve "Googlfied" Ouellette Ensure we use every bloody application Google possibly offers. 
Social Media & Marketing Dave "Tweety" Atkins If there's a place to market the group on-line, make sure our name gets out there so we remain the #1 voted Gentlemen's Running Club in Westwood. 
Club Branding and Merchandise Ron "Nike Sucks" Adjami Seek out sponsors to fund club gear such as race singlets, beer koozies, and anti-chafing bandages. 
Web Content Editor Rob "Chatterbox" Dupre Keep the website content current and fresh with useless material which no one will ever read or even care about. 
Motivationalist Kevin "Mountain Man" Becker Ensure members stay pumped at each race and are always competitive. 
Social Coordinator Dan "Count Me In" MacDonald Encouraging members to gather outside of running to meet, eat, and drink on a routine basis. Duties also included scouting Pubs to ensure they meet the rigorous WGRC. 
Member Wellness Joe "Cool Down Lap" McNamara Fostering programs to support overall physical health and well being of members. 
Race Events Facilitator Bradley "The Sales Machine" Paster Promote race events for club members, especially those which help wonderful charities and/or offer lots of door prizesand plentiful food and beer. 
Boot Camp General John "Sgt. Bastard" Isberg Working members' a$$es off and turning ultimate girly-men into less girly-men. 
Legal Department Matt "Madoff" Scafidi Ensure the club is legal, all policies are followed, and the fine print is always too tiny to read. 
Government Liaison John "Uncle Sam" Kavas Club liaison to town, state, and federal officials to ensure we're in good standing. 
Safety Steward Patrick "Stop, Drop, and Roll" Brennan Ensure runner safety by using clearly marked crosswalks and running against traffic. 
Optimism Chaiman Craig "It's Always Sunny" Middleton Ensure every member has a positive attitude by bringing sunny days and smiles to any event. 
Director of Dental Hygiene Sam "Bicuspid" Gelso To promote health teeth and gums through programs like brushing after each meal and routine flossing. 
Chief Complaint Officer Eric "Whiner" Dubiner Ensure all membership complaints are ignored and/or one-upped by his own reasons to whine. 
Liaison para Mexico Steve "Cinco de Mayo" Harte Always ensure the sombreros fit, the mariachi band plays, and the mystery run beers are cold. 
Fashion Correspondent  Greg "Graffiti" Buckley To coordinate team fashion and vehicle decorating for high profile race events. 
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